The struggle

We struggle and for a lot of the time we are on our own, seeing disaster rather than help and hope, and when we seek help people are either not understanding or just not interested. Many tell us to stop being so moody and get over it. It leaves us feeling alone and we think something is wrong with us. We ask the question, why is everyone happy and content, and I am not!
Jesus’ disciples went through an experience of struggle. They were on a boat crossing a lake when a great storm occurred and they were left thinking that only disaster will come. Jesus was asleep in the boat after a tiring day.
Finally the disciples woke Jesus. Jesus performed an amazing thing (a miracle) and calmed the storm.
When things get tough for me, I try not to cope on my own but turn to Jesus and ask for help, and help comes.
Is Jesus sleeping in your life, perhaps wake up your interest and see if He can help.
Matthew 8:23-27

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