Good News

newsJesus lived 2000 years ago, here is something he said:

‘The Spirit of the Lord is upon me for he has appointed me to preach Good News to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim that captives to be released, the blind will see, that the downtrodden will be freed from their oppressors, and the time of the Lord’s favour has come.’

Jesus came with good news, good news for the poor. When we think of Christians who represent Jesus, they really are not good news. They are hard, legalistic, judgmental, and have no love. They might give the impression that if you do not fit a certain mold, you can never know God, and will be eternally punished. I am sorry if you have come across this and been at the receiving end. It is not Jesus’ way, He is not like this! Jesus care for everyone, including those who no one else cares about. He cares about the poor, those in jail, the blind and the opposed. I do believe from study of his life he is talking about both the actual and the emotional. Like there are those who are imprisoned by something in their lives which they want to be freed from. Jesus is also not talking about the religious people say who are poor, etc… He is talking about everybody on this planet. I can assure you that if you are not religious, i.e. a Christian and you are having a hard time like being opposed and downtrodden – Jesus cares!

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