God is waiting

Luke 15:11-32

We have choices in our lives. Good and bad. How are your choices? Do you find contentment with yours? Lets examine the prodigal son.

The prodigal wants his own life and not be accountable to anyone.
He sees a certain type of lifestyle and sacrifices everything for that
Sacrifices all his relationships
Lives it up with no restriction as he has money

But money runs out and there is a famine
Work is hard to get
He looses friends
He finds himself in a worse position than that of being at home

So he makes a decision (repentance – turn his life around)
To go back home and become a servant in his fathers home
As he feels he no longer can be called a son
But his father is always on a look out for his return
When he returns he runs to meet him
And brings him back as his son, no conditions

Has anyone told you that God is waiting for your return?
That he will greet you
That he will not lecture you on what you have done
Will have a celebration

Are you lost?
Life is not going to plan?
Feel you cannot return?
Relationships broken?
What you dreamed would bring satisfaction only brings dissatisfaction?

Why not look back to God?
Ask him to help you

One thing to add to this story
God just didn’t leave us to realise our need of him
He came and dwelt among us in the person of Jesus
To experience what we experience
And to bring an alternative lifestyle
The lifestyle that God would want us to have

If you have not considered Jesus, then I would encourage you to look at Jesus, his life and his teaching

A prayer for those looking

Dear Jesus,
My life is not going to plan
I have had things that were suppose to bring me happiness
Only bring me unhappiness
Or wanting more
An endless search
I look to you now
To bring me answers and hope
I choose to follow you
And live a life that I was suppose to live
Send your promised Holy Spirit on me now
And start a new journey
In Jesus name

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