Taking that step

journeyHow are you with God? If you are searching, here is my story or journey.

I want the best for people, I want to see them happy and fulfilled. I would like them to know Jesus and a change for the better that can occur in their lives.

But I forget, forget about myself and my own journey. Am I doing OK? Am I close to God or am I just creating something in my own mind and then sharing it. An ideology.

I had a picture recently based on the prodigal son.

The trip home to the father (God) I came to a fence. The fence surrounds the property of the father. I would stand at this fence looking in, looking at how great it would be to enter the property and enjoy a friendship with the father. I even tell others, those I trust about how great it is to know the father, while with others I kept quiet, in case they found out about my desire to enter. When the father came close to the fence I would start running in the opposite direction.

I also became jealous of those who entered and were being blessed by the father. Like the prodigal son! I even made judgements on these types of people.

So what is your reaction to God’s calling in your life? Is everything quiet. I would encourage you to start searching.

Are you an observer. Make a choice today to choose the right thing and come to the father, the invitation is there.

Are you enjoying a friendship with the father (God). Great, keep going and growing.

I myself with each day choose to accept God’s invitation.

Dear God

I am searching, wanting to find answers and to believe in something. I have many images of you. May I accept that you are a heavenly father that cares passionately for me, waiting to welcome me home no matter how bad I have been. I choose to choose you, to commit my life to serving you. In Jesus name. Amen.

Dear God, I have moments where I doubt you and your love for me. I have chosen a life away from you. But time after time I find myself in trouble. I choose now to stop searching, stop running and to return to you. In Jesus name. Amen

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