It’s you fault

I have heard many things. But blame of the person who is the victim is not right. I heard a famous preacher condemn people who left the church after being put off by the leaders of the church.

If people leave the church and I was a leader then I would wonder why and try and sort out what was wrong. Surely a healthy church is one where people are appreciated and loved. Where people care and willing to go the extra mile with those that struggle.

To blame the person for leaving is just beyond me, and it makes me sad. Yes people disagree and leave, it happens all the time. But we must seek peace with all. To not make stupid mistake while dealing with people. To make a public declaration on TV is not right. It is more, Jesus have mercy on me a sinner. If I am in anyway part of people falling away, have mercy on me and help me to make things right.

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