My heart

How is our heart before God. When we pray do tell God how good we are and fortunate he has to have us. Do we set an agenda for God to follow. Or are we interpretting the Bible completely wrong to fit our own opinions and ideology? This is the attitude of a Pharisee in Luke 18:9-14. Can we see ourselves in this? If we do then we need to review. Rather the tax collect actually sees the error of his ways. He beats his heart for he knows it is wrong, and all he can do is to ask for mercy for he recognises how wrong his life is. May we come humbly before God, recognising his holiness. That we cannot do anything to be righteous before him in our strength. It is through the sacrifice of his son Jesus, of him shredding his blood that can we be forgiven for our sins and to be righteous before God.

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