luggageMark 1v3

Think of someone you admire. Someone great. Then think of them coming to your house. What kind of preparations would you make? Would you tidy things, hide things you did not want them to see, have a bath or shower, wear your best clothes, etc…
Jesus came to this earth to come to us. What the Bible calls salvation.
How did the people of Jesus’ time prepare for him? They had a good look at their lives, seeing what was not good, and deciding to make changes (repentance). John the Baptist was a man who challenged people’s lives, and prepare them to meet Jesus. Those who were willing to meet the challenge were baptised in water, a sign of being cleansed of the bad things in their lives.
How are you doing today? Do you need someone to save you? Maybe examine your life and see what needs changing. Then ask Jesus to help you change, and overcome them.

Dear Jesus, I am interested in you, I want to find out more, I want to walk with you every day. Help me to recognise and accept those things in my life that are wrong. I am sorry, help me to change and do the right thing. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

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Here begins the wonderful story of Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God. Mark 1v1

People with power, how would you like them to help you. Maybe bring justice through getting rid of all those people you do not like, or a common saying ‘to make our nation great again’ This is what the Jewish people were waiting for in the time of Jesus.

But Jesus did not come as an all-powerful, conquering King. He took on the role of a servant. Listening, caring, healing, teaching people. The Kingdom of Heaven, is where there is no conflict, no sickness, no death. It is where God lives with his people. A relationship Kingdom where we seek the best, caring for the broken, the poor, those in prison. Releasing those who have been in bondage and stuck with a habit, people who have chosen the wrong path, to show them a new one. What kind of King would you like to choose?

Dear God, may we be Kingdom of God people, where we bring your Kingdom to earth. To change things through your grace, mercy, love and peace. Where we tend to those who are broken, sick, in prison, poor. In Jesus’ precious name. Amen

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Starting the adventure

Mark 1v1: Here begins the wonderful story of Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God

Have you ever examined the life of Jesus? Read the story from the Bible yourself. That gives you a picture from the text rather than what is given from a representative?

Find a Bible and read the part called Mark. Check what it says to you about Jesus, his life, and the people he mixed with. Who was he in conflict with, and who were the people who liked him? You might be surprised, and might even see comparisons with Christianity today.
Check what he said about himself, like the Messiah – the promised Saviour, and Son of God.

If this is something you think you would do perhaps talk to God with these words (a prayer).
Dear God, I am going to read about Jesus. May I learn about who he was, what he said, and how this can affect my life now. In Jesus name. Amen

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The pursuit of happiness

thankfulWhat are you seeking?

Have you actually sat down and taken a good hard look at what you are seeking and whether it will make you happy? Perhaps make a list and see what you are seeking. Is it bringing happiness and fulfilment? Will it bring it in the future? Think about the steps it will take. If the goal has been met, has it been worth it?

If you took away all that you are seeking, how would that look?

What if you put away all that you seek, and lived for other people and organisations, for a better world?

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Light and evil

light-bulb-1425824-640x480We see so much going on in our world. We see hate and violence. Where one community attacks the other and then there is retaliation. So the circle continues.

I believe in justice and freedom to live without fear.

As a follower of Jesus I see a few things I need to do.

Being light: A person who shows people Jesus and his teaching. Jesus was a man of peace who cared for the lost, lonely, broken, destitute, etc… and he wanted people to have a relationship with God.

Jesus was willing to die to show God’s love, mercy and grace. And by believing in him and his resurrection we can live in hope of a better way and life.

A harder thing for anyone is to love our enemies whoever they might be. Yes if I am was part of a family who lost a loved one, I would find it very hard. But seeing situations where people have chosen to love rather than hate, we see things have changed for the better. We know how unjust life is. In Jesus’ time we see the people who were supposed to welcome Jesus, were the ones responsible for his death.

Let us pray for peace, and a desire to work together for a better world, a world which values and lives out the teachings of Jesus.

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I long to see people come to know Jesus. I spend time on Social media encouraging others

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Those who had plenty gave a small percentage of what they had spare, while a poor old lady gave all that she had left. (based on Mark 12:41-44)

What is the value of the money in your pocket or bank account? How do you view it? Are you eyeing up a new purchase or food that you do not need for your stomach?

How do you view what is around you? The poor, the needy? Institutions that support you? The unemployed, the hungry, the refugee, the lost?

Jesus talks about the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of God (Matthew 5:3).

If you view the world for what you can get out of it with your money, then you are a long way from God’s Kingdom, a fair and just system. It is a world where self is the most important at the expense of all else. I stand guilty as all, as I neither have a valid excuse.

The poor widow may be sad and lonely. Struggling daily to survive. But she had found something in her life that meant everything to her. A reason to keep going. A hope, that one day there will be a better life. She had something which she could hold onto daily, which would not let her down.

Where is your hope and mine? Happiness cannot be found in spending lot of money on ourselves. Of course we need it to buy food, and help pay for utilities and a roof over our heads. But our true fulfillment and meaning cannot be found in it. It creates a superficial world where there will be more false than truth.

We need to take a real hard look at the money we have and see how we can be generous to others.

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