Why do people need to believe in God? 

In our culture in the Western World, the question is why do we need God? Many people have the luxuries like a house, car, holidays, family, latest gadgets. Why would they need God when they have heaven on earth. That is what I come against and haven’t an answer that convinces them they need God. Arguments do not work and we have given ourselves a bad press by standing up against certain issues of the day. Jesus died for all on the cross for everyone, because God so loved the world. My own story has been one of struggle with depression and self esteem. Where I haven’t had money in my pocket and I have struggled to make ends meet. I have had an encounter with the living God that has left me in no doubt that God exists and wants to have a relationship with me and all people of the world. Jesus did say it is harder for a rich man to enter the heaven. And Jesus did make the statement that he came for the poor, the brokenhearted, those in prison, sight to the blind, and the oppressed. We pray that those around us whether rich or poor or in between would have a real encounter with the living God.

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