Asking questions

One of the observations on whether God exists or not, or whether evolution is correct is whether we have considered both sides carefully weighing up the pros and cons, but more often than not both sides try to discredit each other with so called clever answers, or just a feeling that the others view is not right. Down to the bare bones of the argument we need to ask ourselves, ‘is there some kind of force or being behind the universe, or is it all a cosmic accident?’ Questions arise like on one side, ‘if God exists, does God speak to us on a personal level?’ or on the side if God does not exist, then ‘how do we conduct ourselves, where do we get values?’. We then need to put our trust in our conclusions and live for that.

If we come down on the side of God then we to look at those around us who believe the same. Have they truly found the real God. Is the picture they paint of God a true likeness or not. I believe that this is a big struggle and my own answer is to look at the historical figure of Jesus who was suppose to be God in human form. By comparing Jesus to those around us we soon find whether they are genuine or not.

I challenge you to look again at both sides of the argument, to truly seek answers and not be satisfied with fundamental views of extreme elements who rather tell you their ideology rather than to listen and provide credible answers

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