30mphWanting to get home as soon as possible, he put his foot down on the peddle, driving too fast through the middle of town. Unfortunately for a mother and child who were crossing the road, they did not have a chance, both killed instantly.

How we think we have the right to do as we please. Doing things that are far too risky. We think only of the here and now, and our own personal rights. But the problem is that our actions affect those around us. Unfortunately we are selfish and do not think of others or the laws that govern us. Too many think of others as an inconvenience. But one day it catches up with us, and someones world is turned upside down by our uncaring actions, which results in our own world turned upside down too, and a life left with regrets that the circumstance would be different if we acted in a kinder and gentler way.

Many criticise Christians or those with faith for talking about sin, doing wrong. But sin is a way of looking at ourselves to question our own motives and how we affect the people around us. A route to change for the better. May I today change, and I hope you can take a good honest look at yourself. In doing so we become a blessing to others rather than a curse.

God bless

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