Bad news/Good news

newsWhat I find hard about those who call themselves Christian is that they start with bad news. They keep telling us how bad we are and how we do not deserve to be a friend of God. Yes we do bad things and there is a holy God. But does God sit there saying “Hmmmm… not good enough, they need to try better, oh dear, shouldn’t say that, etc…. “. I do not believe this what God is like. We need to start from a point that God loves us, no matter how Good or bad we are. This is grace. This is what Jesus is all about. God coming in the form of a human, living among us, feeling the pain and laughter, etc… and dying at the hands of evil people. He did this because He loves us, and wants to be our friend. The raising of Jesus to life again is the hope that in the end everything will be made right, that there will be justice and care. And a chance of living with God in a place called Heaven. You may say that we do all these bad things, surely God will not accept us until we have sorted them out. But that will never happen. It is about saying yes to God, I will include Him in my life. Read, talk and learn, using the Bible. Through time we will change, and we will find areas of our life that are not right which we talk to God about. By doing so we find ways and strength to deal with the bad, and that includes saying sorry.

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