Being let down

How do we conduct ourselves with others. We take the model of Jesus and use that.

If you have been hurt or deceived by someone who you are friends with or someone who is highly respected then you are not alone. It is even more hurtful when it is someone close or someone with the same views as us. An experience I have had was someone who made me feel important and gave me great responsibility. But as time went on and so called better and more skilled people came on the scene, I was slowly pushed out. They continued to say nice things to me but their actions showed what was at their heart. Then one day it is over and you are left in the wilderness with confusion and anger. A part wants to find reconciliation and another part revenge.

I look at the injustice of Jesus hanging on the cross, killed by his own people. It brings comfort to know Jesus experienced the same pain as us and so much more. But the good news is that he continues to love us

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