Blaming God

The prodigal son choose a life without His father. He asked for what was promised to Him on the death of his father before he died and moved out, far, far away. He chose to live how he pleased and experienced everything in life, especially those things he desired whether or not they were good for him. But then disaster struck and what seemed an endless supply of money came to an end, and a famine hit the land. Finding himself at the bottom he realises what he has lost, not the money but someone who cared and loved him unconditionally. He was never in need when he was around his father, and his father also cared for all those around him. He saw how his father treated and he thought maybe his father would accept him back under these conditions as he had thrown away his inheritance.

Where are you on your journey with God? Do you have a relationship with God? Maybe you are far away, and feel you do not need God. If you lost everything today, where would you turn? Perhaps you could blame God, but why, if you do not have a relationship with him. Why should you expect God to move. But God does not stay distant. He waits for you to return, for a glimpse of hope, and if you make a movement towards God, God will run towards you and embrace you, and lead you to a place of safety. A home where you are accepted and loved. And if you return, there is a big celebration and joy.

Is it time for you to return to God. God is waiting to welcome you home.

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