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Think of someone you admire. Someone great. Then think of them coming to your house. What kind of preparations would you make? Would you tidy things, hide things you did not want them to see, have a bath or shower, wear your best clothes, etc…
Jesus came to this earth to come to us. What the Bible calls salvation.
How did the people of Jesus’ time prepare for him? They had a good look at their lives, seeing what was not good, and deciding to make changes (repentance). John the Baptist was a man who challenged people’s lives, and prepare them to meet Jesus. Those who were willing to meet the challenge were baptised in water, a sign of being cleansed of the bad things in their lives.
How are you doing today? Do you need someone to save you? Maybe examine your life and see what needs changing. Then ask Jesus to help you change, and overcome them.

Dear Jesus, I am interested in you, I want to find out more, I want to walk with you every day. Help me to recognise and accept those things in my life that are wrong. I am sorry, help me to change and do the right thing. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

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