wakeupsmallIt is amazing how our lives are spent with how we feel. We get up in the morning and our mood reflects how the day will be. Maybe this happens, while driving a slow car pulls out in front of you with no hope of overtaking. Can we controls how we feel, can we turn moods into laughter. I think so. Sometimes it is our view of the world or our expectations. We maybe have been taught to hurry and high morals, and when things do not go our way or someone behaves badly then we get stressed and moody. Perhaps we just need to let go, or expect the circumstances we are in. If we are a minute late, is it really a problem. Sometimes all we need to do is made a phone call to apologise and say we are running late.

But there are times when spend long periods of time feeling down, I admit that. It is tough. If a person is constantly making you feel stressed, bad and hurt, there needs to be a new direction for your life either working things thought with that person to resolve issues or just to say goodbye and move on. Yes, it is hard, I hate not being able to resolve things with difficult people in my life, and it is hard to say goodbye, but something needs to happen before a breakage.

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