forgiveAs part of a process of healing I looked at Forgiveness of those who had hurt me and looked on how we hurt God in the same way. We expect justice in our situation but we do not look at how we hurt God in exactly the same way as others have hurt us.

Sometimes we meet people who make us feel good. When they see you they seem to be aways pleased to see you, and they seem to appreciate what you do. Have you been there? I have and I thought those moments were great. It was good to get up in the morning and feel like I was contributing to something of importance. Everything I did was praised and appreciated. At times it was hard work but it seemed worth it, and the feelings I got from it.

But things change, other people came on the scene and I had to take a back seat. The things I worked so hard for were taken away from me and given to more skilled people, and I was left doing stuff I hated. Finally I was dumped.

To forgive is a hard one and for a sensitive person it is not easy. People will say ‘get over it’ or you should forgive. But that is not easy, it takes years sometimes.

A way of healing that I am choosing is to look at it a different way.

Often when someone searches and finds God. They put all their effort into God. It becomes their primary focus. They spend lots of time serving, praying and reading the Bible. But after a while, things become boring or hard. The relationship does not go the way the person wants. God becomes a dispenser and when God doesn’t comply then there is a lose of interest and faith. Other ways are found to bring meaning and God gets pushed into the background. We eventually give up on God.

As we are hurt, we could be hurting God in the same way. So instead of dwelling on ourselves we could see that we have a part to play and as God forgives us when we come back to him. Recognising the importance of our relationship with God and our attitudes we are more able to forgive others.

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