Those of us who are quiet and have a gentle spirit; you are blessed and appreciated by God. If you are pushed around and hurt, keep going because this is a sign of strength not weakness.

Seek to be gentle, patient, kind, long suffering. Through the pain of it, you shall be rewarded. You will see a different, better world.

It is hard to face pain and rejection. It is hard to face loneliness and the feeling that no one cares. But in all of this you find you are close to God, for by getting to the end of yourself, the only option is to look beyond. Discovering perhaps there is a God, and that is all you can hang onto.

I find myself unemployed at 44 and the struggle to find a job is hard and keeping going in the face of rejection. Sometimes feeling that I am not chosen because I am not out-going enough or just plain quiet. If you find yourself in that position, Keep Going. God cares, and blesses you for being you. It is not a job, or personality or status, etc… that defines you. It is your relationship with God. Keep that central even if it is tough, you are safe and secure.

Strive for gentleness, meekness, humbleness. God is for you and with you.

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