Happy and satisfied

happyWe want to be happy and satisfied. We look at what is going on around us and our minds dwell on the so called good things of life. But we need to ask the question, ‘Will they satisfy? Will my life be complete?’

A man who claimed to be God called Jesus, was tempted to turn stones to bread after 40 days of not eating. But he refused, as satisfaction cannot be found in eating for we will become hungry again. Rather satisfaction comes from doing the will of God and following his ways.

We journey through this life. Is it worth examining our lives? We could compare ourselves with Jesus, seeing whether our lives would be more complete and satisfied. Maybe there is a time to stop looking at what we want and start caring and serving others, being a benefit to all we meet. Are we up for the challenge of love, kindness, grace and mercy.

How is your journey?

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