Jesus feeds the Five Thousand – Matthew 14:13 – 21

Jesus is obviously upset by John’s death, so he withdraws. We need to withdraw when we are in pain. Well I see it as a place where we can think and work through what is going on. If we do not allow time to think, then we carry around baggage when it should be shred. One of the great advantages we have is that we can turn to God and we talk through these things. God can do a work in us through prayer
We cannot forever live in grief. Yes it is hard and it may take many months to recover. But there comes a time where we just have to get on. It maybe that circumstances force the situation. We cannot give up on those around us or on God. We have a calling and we need to get back that.
Ok, I am listening. Yes I agree I must get back to this calling in my life. I need to work through this burden I have at the moment, even though it is painful. But something will hit me back on track – probably God 🙂  Yes I am called to service but it is tough doing things we do not enjoy and a position where I feel uncomfortable. The hardest thing is to focus. So much to do. What do I focus on. I need the help of God to enable me to focus.
If we continue to serve God then He will continue to use us, and enable us to do great things for Him. God is concerned for everyone and will use those who serve Him to bring those people to Him through us. He will provide for them. That is where our gifts come into the equation. We may feel that what we offer is not enough but God will use anything no matter how big or small. But I still feel that we have to access and reassess our calling, and what we are doing. We can only find this through prayer and studying the Bible. Sometimes we do get these feelings that something is not quite right and these are the moments when we need to reassess. And we then wait on God for an answer.

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