trainI travel by train every day. I work out what time is my train and the connection to where I work. It gives me some time to read and write. There is a train just after mine which sometimes gets in before my connection leaves. Initially when the train gets in before my connection leaves, I began thinking that this is not fair and hoped that the doors of the train would shut before they can reach the train. How hard we can be to our fellow humans! I now have changed my thinking to the opposite and hope that they can get on my connection. Isn’t life like the connection, we feel it is not fair that people get an easy life compared with ours. We strive for justice for ourselves forgetting really that everyone is like us, sometimes life work out well, while other times life is hard. I feel for myself it is time to wish people a happy life full of fulfillment and happiness, rather than wishing hell on them because today is better for them than us. I am struck by Jesus’ words of being a servant (or slave in the translation). If we start from this point then life will look completely different.

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