Life on the inside

dark_room_smallWhat is on the inside? What is going on? Is there good thoughts or bad? Have you been broken? Someone in your life that has hurt you deeply, and you carry it around beneath the surface.

I am sorry. Life can be cruel and harsh.

I have been there too. Memories of bad things lurk in the background, appearing now and again.

If you examine the life of Jesus, you find someone caring, kind, gentle and compassionate. He cared for those who have been broken. Can Jesus feel the pain you feel. I believe he does because the things that have happened to you has happened to Jesus. So much so that he was killed in an excruciating painful way. With nails driven through his hands and feet. But did he feel hate, resentment and bitterness. No he forgave his enemies. He offered a life of freedom from this hatred and bitterness, where wrong is turned to right.

If something has just stirred in you, may I encourage you to find out more about Jesus, read his words and find wise people to help you on your journey.

A prayer for those who are looking

Dear God,
I struggle
With all that is inside
I try to
But my life is controlled
By past experience
I am left broken
And hurt
Please help me
May I know you
And your love for me
Help me to forgive
Give my problems to you
And live in freedom
In Jesus name

A prayer for those who believe
Dear God
I am amazed
At you love for me
You take my pains
And struggles
You accept me
And want the best for me
Use me Lord
To help others
Those who find themselves
And in need of a friend
Give me eyes
To find them
To listen
To Speak
Words of comfort
May we be able
To challenge others
To look to Jesus
In Jesus name


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