mercyI found myself driving on a roundabout. As I was turning towards my exit, a horn of a car was to be urgently heard, and the man in the passenger seat was making rude gestures at me. Looking back I assumed that the driver thought I was turning into the previous turning and when I did not he was not happy, which continued until I turned into another turning, in which he gave an even more louder blast on his horn.

I reviewed my driving to see if I done anything wrong and asked others how they would do the same manoeuvre, in which they agreed that I did the right thing.

When we are out and about, how do we react to others. Are we being fair, do we allow for others to make mistakes, and do we show mercy when they do fail. Oh how cruel we can be, and we completely upset people who are going about their own business and trying to do the right thing. We all want people to be nice to us, so why are we not like that to others, expecting everyone to fit in with our own faulty rules. We are so sad when when we just think of our own agendas, and lack any kind of empathy and mercy. Surely we long to see positive changes happening in others lives as well as our own. A world where we are all valued and loved. Where there is acceptance, and forgiveness when there is failure and mistakes.

I am far from perfect and hopefully I will think of others and show mercy, that any reaction will be in love and not hate no matter whether I am on the receiving end or the cause.

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