lonePeople are lonely, sad, broken, bored … They often do not have hope. So they find ways of making themselves feel better.

They find themselves falling into bad habits, and they get stuck without the willpower to change. The habits become so important to them that the relationships around them break.

Jesus came to bring freedom to people stuck in personal prisons*. He offers a change of life and gives hope.

If you are a follower of Jesus, I hope and pray that you would have love and compassion. Be prepared to help struggling people rather than condemnation.

A prayer for those struggling.

Dear Jesus
I am lost
Without meaning
I have got myself
In a bad place
I believe in you
That you can bring me
Please walk with me
Bring change
I commit my life
And my struggles
Into your hands
In Jesus name

A prayer for those who follow Jesus

Dear Jesus
We live in a world
Of struggling people
May I bring the light
And hope of Jesus
To those around me
May I listen
Be compassionate
And be willing
To be friend
In Jesus name

* Luke 4:18

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