My Actions

In our lives, we choose our direction. We can either go a selfless way, or a selfish way. We can choose to serve or to be served. Always, we need to review the way we do things. Are we hurting people, are we not valuing them? From the moment we get up to the moment we go to bed, it is worth reviewing our day and it’s events. If there has been conflict or wrong words, do we need to do something to resolve the issue. Also is there someone we know who is suffering, can we do something to help? It is easy to dismiss a thing followers of Jesus call sin, but our reaction to our own world is important to our overall happiness and fulfillment and the same for those who are around us. Wouldn’t life be a lot better if we all really cared for each other showing values like kindness, gentleness, mercy, patience, forgiveness, etc…

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