Never changing

lookingWe are aware of the latest trends, thinking, technology, etc… But does it really lead to the truth and a better life for us all? We treat these things as good and worthy to pursue. But they often take over our lives and we become slaves to it.

What about Jesus? Does he have a role to play in our lives? It is said, ‘he is the same yesterday, today and forever’ *. A solid foundation for our lives that will never change.

If you never considered Jesus or have been put off by Christians, may I encourage you to look again at who Jesus is and what he said and did.

A prayer for those who are looking.

Dear God
Thank you that
You never change
Your love is
And unconditional
Thank you are pleased
When we talk to you
May I know
Who you are
And that I would travel
With you by my side
In Jesus name

A prayer for those who believe
Dear God
I am indebted to you
For always being available
And always loving
Thank you
That you never change
May you give me
The eyes to see people
Who are struggling
Or searching
To start a conversation
Give me the words
That you would start
A new work
In their lives
Towards knowing you
And their salvation
In Jesus name

* Hebrews 13v8

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