dove_crossesLife can be tough. We journey along a road where we are affected by those around us. Some of the experiences are positive and some negative. We hope to get through each day without too many negatives. But sometimes the negatives rule our lives. This is especially true if we have had long periods of time where we have had a negative environment.

Our lives become ruled then by these negatives and we see no way out. We either look for conflict or escape. But we daily wrestle with inner emotions looking for revenge or an unfortunate event to happen to those who are hurting us. But this just eats at us and we find no peace. We even do not want to let go of these feeling as they are our way of coping.

How do we deal with all these negatives, and perhaps like with so many others we reach a point where we want to be free. Maybe the way we look at the world does not help us. If we look at the world as a warrior waging war then we will get hurt and want revenge. What if we look at the world in terms of peace. Perhaps this will help us strive for a better world for ourselves and hopefully those around us.

Peacemaking is a hard one, we all find it hard as we are going against a feeling of self interest and self justice. A world where we strive for peace rather than war is a better world. Hate does no one any good.
Is there a need in all of our situations to think how to bring peace rather than conflict and self opinion? Would things improve if that is what is strived for? I am sure it will be. And what are the obstacles preventing this from happening. Winning an argument comes to light. Having to prove one is right and opponent wrong. Let’s step away from this and perhaps we will win friends as it shows a respect despite differences.

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