directionJohn worked hard. He felt led by God. He filled his time with meetings and travelling. But he felt lonely and empty.

How are you doing with life, is there happiness, joy, hope etc…? Do you feel that you have been called to a certain thing in life but it is taking all the energy out of you? Maybe in the beginning it was fresh and exciting but now it is dull, boring and so much effort.

Running the course is something worth pursuing as it fulfills God’s calling in us.

God’s calling – do you find time for prayer, quietness, rest and study of the Bible. Are you listening to God? If you are not may I encourage you to stop all you are doing and concentrate on these things. Doing so will reconnect you to the source of your calling and will be reenergise you.

Are your relationships good – maybe you need to reconnect with trusted and stable friends. Maybe there has been hurt and it is time to say sorry, or to seek reconciliation.

How do you compare with Jesus – look at Jesus and see how alike you are. Spend time reflecting and examining your motives.

Do you do what you do because you are a fan of Jesus, or do you seek to follow him daily.

How much love do you have in comparison to judgment and condemnation. Stop now and spend time with Jesus listening, being honest and moving into your calling.

Seek today to put God first, commit to prayer, listening and study of the Bible.

Dear God,
You are the reason
I will follow you
Listen to you
To seek to serve
And bring in your Kingdom
In Jesus name

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