voicesWhen you get up, get going and start your day what voices are you hearing. What are they telling you and are they right? These voices may come from an inner voice, family, friends, media, peer pressure, establishments, public opinion, etc…

Have you stopped and asked, ‘Are they really correct, are they wise, are they good for me?’ Have you actually questioned or do you just accepted them as true and right.

Have you stopped and listened to voices of individual, perhaps those who do not or cannot speak up? The quiet voices of life. Like those of the poor, the shy, the broken, those who struggle. Would you hear a different story?

John in the Bible was a voice in the wilderness. Someone you had to go and see to find out what he was saying. But it seemed worth it.

He told of a man who was coming, and we needed to look at ourselves see what is going on and make changes to what is not good. This man was like a King, and his name is Jesus.

Are you prepared to meet with Jesus, to find out more about him and what he said, to listen to his voice. Will you make changes and make a difference to your life and of those around you? Or will you let him just walk past?

A prayer for those who are looking.

Dear God,
There are many voices
In my life
Telling me
What direction
To go in
May I stop
And listen
To your voice
To find out
About you
To make changes
To things that are not right
Here I am.
In Jesus name.

A prayer for those who believe
Dear God,
I pray that I would represent you today
That I would not compromise my life
And follow the false voices
Of this world
May my voice
Be a voice
That point people to Jesus
Give me courage,
And the people who will listen
In Jesus name

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