wildernessHave you had a time where feel God is far away and not speaking to you. You may have had a time where you felt God really close, but not now.

Jesus went through a wilderness experience after a real high at his baptism. But this wilderness experience was a real time of temptation. The temptation enabled him to get his priorities right, especially whether he choose to do things for his own glory or for the glory of God.

He choose to keep doing his fathers will despite his physical, spiritual and mental needs.

Are you struggling with following Jesus? Do you feel God has gone quiet? Are you being tempted to return to your old ways?

May I encourage you to keep going with Jesus, keep talking to God about how you feel, and commit to keep going no matter what. Keep reading your Bible, it is full of people who have been through the same, especially those in the Psalms.

Maybe God is preparing you for something new, and you need this time. The wilderness experience for Jesus was his preparation for his ministry.

A prayer for those who are looking
Dear God, I am not sure if you are real. My life is empty and meaningless. I have looked for you in the past and not found you. I ask if you would speak to me now, and show me that you are real. I commit to find out more about you by reading about you in the Bible.
In Jesus name.

A prayer for those who believe
Dear God, I am struggling. I feel that you are not responding to my prayers. Where are you? If there is wrong in my life, reveal it and help me overcome it. If I am going through a time of preparation, keep me strong. Keep me from temptation. I commit to keep following you no matter what.
In Jesus name

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