You are sinners!

fistYou are sinners! How many times do you hear this? In telling people about Jesus this can be the first thing they say. But in this western culture we live, it can be a real turn off. Many people think they lead a good life and feel no need to repent and say sorry. A lot of people have been wronged by others, ‘why should I forgive’ they say. Consumption of things makes people comfortable, and they feel no need for a saviour or a change of a lifestyle, especially something like Christianity that they think is restrictive, too hard and boring.

Why not start with God and the what if question. What if God exists and loves us, looks out for us, cares about us? Isn’t that a better approach. What if we really search out the questions about God, ask questions, and meet God where we are? When Jesus came it was said that he was God dwelling among us, someone who saves us in times of trouble. A friend that cares. If we seek Jesus and get to know him through reading the gospels and praying, we see the things that are good, and we see things that are bad. Recognising the bad we work it out with Jesus, not pressured, wanting to change because we want to rather than being told to do so.

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