Get rid of Jesus

As with Herod, there are people in this world who want to get rid of Jesus and anyone linked with him. When Jesus was a baby/toddler, Herod wanted to rid of him and any association, which was other babies of the same age.

If we follow Jesus we know that he is with us. If we are persecuted then Jesus is with us in that, and in the worse case scenario if we die we will know we will go to be with Jesus. Maybe there will be a way out, an escape or rescue. The important thing is to stay close to Jesus, where we will receive his comfort, love, and instruction on a way forward.

Dear Jesus, thank you so much for loving us, so much so that you were willing to die for us. May we stay close to you, and in times of trouble know that you will not let us down. We surrender our lives to you. Amen

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