Light and evil

light-bulb-1425824-640x480We see so much going on in our world. We see hate and violence. Where one community attacks the other and then there is retaliation. So the circle continues.

I believe in justice and freedom to live without fear.

As a follower of Jesus I see a few things I need to do.

Being light: A person who shows people Jesus and his teaching. Jesus was a man of peace who cared for the lost, lonely, broken, destitute, etc… and he wanted people to have a relationship with God.

Jesus was willing to die to show God’s love, mercy and grace. And by believing in him and his resurrection we can live in hope of a better way and life.

A harder thing for anyone is to love our enemies whoever they might be. Yes if I am was part of a family who lost a loved one, I would find it very hard. But seeing situations where people have chosen to love rather than hate, we see things have changed for the better. We know how unjust life is. In Jesus’ time we see the people who were supposed to welcome Jesus, were the ones responsible for his death.

Let us pray for peace, and a desire to work together for a better world, a world which values and lives out the teachings of Jesus.

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